Jon and Charissa

What is there to say about Jon and Charissa? They are both the nicest and mostly Godly couple that I have ever met in my lifetime. I was contacted by a mutual friend about shooting their wedding in San Francisco, CA. I agreed and after a couple of weeks of texting back and forth we hopped on a Face Time call. I knew right then and there how awesome this couple was and after i hung up, I got super excited to fly out and meet them and be apart of their big day. 

The day had finally arrived. I flew into San Francisco and when I arrived at the hotel where the two of them were getting ready, they both immediately welcomed me and said how happy they were that I was able to fly out and shoot their wedding. I've never felt so welcomed to be at a wedding as much as I was at theirs. 

The venue was set in the red wood part of San Francisco and it made for such a pretty back drop. We were all able to drive around a little bit and explore the different scenes that San Francisco had to offer. I was blown away with how beautiful one place could actually be. 

The big thing that I want to talk about here though, is the ceremony. I have never ever in my life witnessed a ceremony quite like theirs. Before Charissa walked the aisle, Jon took an opportunity to share their love story with everyone and started talking about the Lord and basically turned it into a message. It was so cool to see. Once when Charissa came down the aisle their pastor, Francis Chan started preaching the Gospel as well. 

Jon and Charissa decided to do a foot washing ceremony in front of all of their family and friends and it showed just how humble and selfless they both really were. They wanted to tell everyone that no matter what happens in their life, they will be there for each other. They then preceded directly into communion and then had all of the pastors come up to the front and lay hands on the two of them and pray that their marriage would be blessed. 

The rest of the day was filled with joyful laughter and tears as they talked to all of their family members. The day ended with a little bit of dancing and then a sparkler exit which is just the coolest way to leave a wedding.