Josh and Joy

"I know where I wanna be, I'll Live like I know what I mean, Won't let anybody tell me any different Because I need to follow my dream" - Shadow of Whales

Josh Flores has been one of my good buddies for the longest time. I spent my high school days in Austin, Texas and that was where I met Josh. I started attending a new church with my family and my brother and I went to the high-school group that met during the week. I started making friends there and through them I heard that there was a alternative rock band that came out of the church called Invisible Target. I was invited to some of their shows so I went. When I first heard these guys play i thought, man they are good! Back at the church I met the lead singer of the band, Josh Flores. We talked for a while and really hit it off. After a couple weeks of hanging out, Josh asked me to join his band as a bassist because their old one was leaving for the military. I played guitar but never picked up a bass before in my life. I agreed to his offer and immediately went out to buy my very own bass. Josh taught me how to play and within weeks I was learning their songs. Before I knew it, I had my very first show with them. It was a high-school battle of the bands with about 500 in attendance. I was extremely nervous, but Josh helped to calm me down. We played our show and after our last song we were met with the crowd chanting, "encore! encore!". It really was one of the best moments of my life. I stayed with the band for a while longer and even played SXSW in Austin twice! Unfortunately however, I moved with my family back to California and had to call it quits with the band.

Josh and his brother Caleb restarted the band under a name called Shadow of Whales. They added new members and are currently doing great! You can check them out on Itunes, Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music!

When I got a call from Josh saying that he had found the one he wants to marry and that he had just gotten engaged, I was super excited! I didn't know his fiance Joy, but I knew that she would be great. He then asked me if I would shoot their wedding back in Texas and immediately I agreed! I flew out there a week beforehand and got to hang out with my old band mates and do whatever stupid stuff we used to do before I left. It was a great time of catching up and reminiscing about the good old days where we would drive days in a run down van just to get to our next gig.

The day of the wedding came and that was where I first met Joy. Immediately I knew that Josh and Joy would make the greatest couple the world has ever seen. I came to find out that Joy was also a wedding photographer. That was when I started getting nervous!  I knew that I had to just nail it with their photos and that I couldn't mess anything up otherwise she would definitely notice.

The ceremony came and right when it had started it started raining! Flashes of lightning flew through the sky so we had to put it on pause until it stopped. Just a few minutes later however, the rain lightened up and we were able to continue. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, but right after the family photos, it started pouring rain! This time it did not stop until almost an hour later. We were able to continue with everything just fine and by the end of it we realized that a little rain couldn't stop love.