Nethaniel and Katy Christian


Thanael and Katy are just a wonderful and cute couple. I have known Nathanael for over a year now. He was one of the first people I met here in Colorado. We would go on adventures together with mutual friends all the time. When I first met Nathanael and Katy, however, they were just dating. It was a few months later when they got engaged and decided to tie the knot. I was thrilled and honored to be asked to shoot their wedding.

Thanael has been a photography buddy of mine for a while, so I knew exactly the kind of style that he liked. It was also very helpful that he knew how to pose him and his new bride as well exactly where to stand in accordance with the sun. However, because he was a photographer as well, I knew that I had to go above and beyond to make his wedding photos superb.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful! Thanael and Katy both work at a Bible School up in Estes Park called Raven Crest, so they decided to have the wedding there. If you have never been to Estes Park in Colorado before then you are in for a treat if you ever get the chance to go and visit! The first time I went up there it took my breath away. As you drive in you can see huge mountains surrounding you. There are giant Elk walking around as well. The downtown is filled with antique mountain shops, restaurants, candy shops and ice cream shops. The pizza up there is amazing as well! Just a short drive from the downtown is the Rocky Mountain National Park. For a fee of about 20$ you can get access to the park and all of the beauty that it has to offer. If you go during the fall, then you will be greeted with trees of orange and yellow. My favorite time to go is definitely during the changing of the trees.

The wedding was just great! The ceremony included worship and a foot washing ceremony. Katy and her family were missionaries in Pakistan so the foot washing was a nod to the traditions of their culture. Right after the ceremony it started raining and lighting. We had to move the reception inside, but that did not stop anyone from dancing and having a good time!

One of my favorite parts of this wedding was the rooms that were available and the way that the light fell inside of them. I walked into the grooms room and saw a red chair and a book case. I decided to move the red chair in front of the book case and have the groom get on his shoes. The lighting was just phenomenal. I was able to get this perfect side lighting that just made everything look more moody and masculine. All of the wood outside and the way the shadows fell on it gave this wedding a very mountainy look. This has probably been one of my favorite weddings to shoot thus far!